Virtualize PCI devices. Please see this

The PCI SIG SR-IOV specification indicates that each device can have up to 256 VFs. Depending on the SR-IOV device in question and how it is made, it might present itself in a variety of ways. Consider these exampes:

  • A quad-port SR-IOV network interface card (NIC) presents itself as four devices, each with a single port. Each of these devices could have up to 256 VFs (single port NICs) for a theoretical total of 1,024 VFs. In this case, each VF would essentially represent a single NIC port.
  • A dual-port SR-IOV host bus adapter (HBA) presents itself as one device with two ports. With 256 VFs, this would result in 512 HBA ports spread across 256 dual-port virtual HBAs.

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