Configuring Gitlab tab size

Configuring Gitlab tab size

I couldn’t find an elegant way to change it. I hope the Gitlab authors release new update with this feature. By now, I touch precompiled css file.

‘tab-size:4;’ sets default tab space as 4. You need to find a proper place for it. (Chrome editor mode will lead you to a css file named ‘application-HASH_VALUE.css’.) Go to your gitlab directory and edit the file. After then, run   gzip -kf application-HASH_VALUE.css  to update application-HASH_VALUE.css.gz . (Usually, the NGINX is configured to serve compressed css file by default.)

+ You may need to touch two places in that file. One for file browsing window and the other for diff window.

+ The patch will be blown up when you re-compile the asset.

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