Setting up an AOSP local repository

Setting up an AOSP local repository

Follow official local repository setting guide.

If you already installed git-core and fcgiwrap, then you can expose the local repository via HTTP by setting NGINX configuration. Add following lines to your NGINX config.

You can access your local mirror by the following repo init command. Note that you need proper NGINX SSL configuration to use HTTPS.

Periodic synchronization (optional)

If you want to periodically update the local repository, then add followings to your  crontab. This will update the local repository at 4 am everyday.

Create bundles (optional)

You can accelerate client side  $ repo sync by serving repositories in bundle.

NGINX configuration:

Place following two bash scripts in /path/to/bundle/dir/.

Create bundles:

If you are using crontab for periodic synchronization then rewrite the crontab as following.

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